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Hello and welcome to Rabies White Labelz

As our name says we do white labels. These ink saving labels can be used to print on your Movie DVDs, Music CDs, Blu-Ray discs, TV show DVDs or even on XBOX, Wii and PlayStation Games.

Every single label you find from our website (over 7500 now!) is designed so you don’t need to waste massive amounts of ink on your DVD prints.

Here is an example of our work, compared to the original design:

Prison Break, Season 2, Rabies Style                Prison Break, Season 2, Original Design

prison break rabies style 300x300 Rabies White Labelz

Prison Break, Season 2, Rabies Style

Prison Break Season 2 Cd Cover1 Rabies White Labelz

Prison Break, Season 2, Original Design


So, if you are a fan of movies and like to burn them on a disc, or make copies of your original discs to make sure that if something happens to your original disc you still have the copy then please sign up and enjoy our collection of CD/DVD labels.

There is a very small membership fee, $5 for 12 months. Yes, that’s correct, 5 dollars for 1 year, so you really have nothing to lose. If you just want to have a trial then we offer that on a quarterly membership option for $3 for 3 months. You are free to cancel it on PayPal anytime and you won’t be charged again.

All paid members can download our labels in full size, 937 x 937 pixels.

If you still aren’t convinced that we have what you need then please go through our A-Z list of all the labelz. Additionally, all paid members can also request labelz we don’t already have.

So, click on the following link to sign up and enjoy the best collection of ink saving labelz on the web: Sign Up

With Best Wishes, Ray Bees

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